Breastfed preterm babies may have better IQs, working memory, motor function

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Preterm infants fed breast milk within the first 28 days of life have better brain development and neurocognitive outcomes, finds a new study. The study, led by Brigham and Women’s Hospital, followed 180 preterm infants from birth to 7 years old. The results showed that the preterm babies that received more breast milk within the […]

Early human embryo

Controversial: In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human

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A handful of scientists around the United States are trying to do something that some people find disturbing: make embryos that are part human, part animal. Credit: Jeannie Phan for NPR The researchers hope these embryos, known as chimeras, could eventually help save the lives of people with a wide range of diseases. One way […]


Beware of microbial traffic jams

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Biophysicist finds that rapidly proliferating yeast pack quite a punch: Up to 150 psi When tiny microbes jam up like fans exiting a baseball stadium, they can do some real damage. A wild strain of yeast growing in a tiny chamber gradually fills the space and, because the yeast cells are so sticky, easily clog […]

‘IVF chip’ helps capture images of sperm fusing with egg

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Every mammal on this planet starts in the same way: a sperm encounters an egg and fuses with it. This process is familiar to every eighth grade biology student, and pictures of the event can be found in every biology text book. However, despite this ubiquity, the detailed mechanics of the process itself is still […]