Novel blood test could diagnose diseases with no known antigens

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It may one day be possible to identify cancer, autoimmune diseases, and a wealth of other conditions from a single drop of blood, after a team from the University of Pittsburgh reveals the creation of a test that holds promise for such a feat. Researchers have created a blood test that they say could diagnose […]

A Potential HIV Cure: Removing HIV DNA From Immune Cell Genome Prevents Reinfection

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In the past four years we’ve heard stories of babies born with HIV who were reportedly cured, only to have the disease return months later. In an effort to find a cure for HIV/AIDS and bring the epidemic to an end, scientists at Temple University have designed a specialized gene editing system that could pave the way to an eventual cure. […]

Giving healthy gay men HIV drugs ‘could help reverse epidemic’

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Giving daily HIV drugs to healthy gay men has huge potential to help reverse the epidemic, say scientists. The medication prevents new infections by killing the virus before it has a chance to take hold in the body. Calculations, published in the Lancet, indicate giving the drugs to the most at-risk men could cut new […]