Portable diagnostic tool rapidly detects Zika virus

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In the earliest days of the most recent Zika virus pandemic, researchers around the world set out to understand every facet of a contagion that seemed almost uncontrollable. While some researchers and physicians studied the pathophysiology of the virus and the seemingly minor illness it caused, ecologists and entomologists sought out the virus’s origin and […]

Evolution & Natural Selection

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Evolution. You’ve probably heard of it during debates on the origins of life. In the past, there was often a large divide between those who believed god created the human form and those who believed that humans evolved over millions of years. Nowadays, evolution has been proven through a number of studies spanning from the […]

Allergy Season – what causes hay fever and how do we treat it?

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ACHHOOOO! ‘tis the season to be sneezing folks. But why does the summer cause some of us to have red eyes, a runny nose and constantly sneeze? Allergies can vary from mildly irritating to life threatening. The most common allergy that most people experience is hay fever, or its medical term, Allergic Rhinitis.  During this […]

Back to Basics: Aspirin as second-line cancer treatment

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Today, scientific advancements in cancer research seem to teeter on the edge of futuristic science fiction. Genetically engineered viruses, proton therapy, vaccines that coat cancer in RNA, and liquid biopsy technology are quickly establishing themselves as regulars in mainstream scientific journals. In the midst of this incredible, ground-breaking work, a team of researchers at the […]

Mental Disorders – Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia & Depression

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Mental disorders are often a taboo discussion topic as many people shy away from either the admission of having one or having to support someone with a mental condition. Unfortunately, mental disorders are on the rise, especially as we develop more and more medication that extends the human lifespan. We may be able to fix […]

MRIs, CTs, X-rays and Ultrasound scans – how do they work and what do they tell us?

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If you’ve ever been pregnant, broken a bone or had a bad concussion – you’ve more than likely had to have one of 4 possible scans. These are known as an MRI scan, a CT scan, an X-ray or an Ultrasound scan. But what do these scans do? How do they work? What do they […]

3D printing – what is it & and why is it relevant to healthcare?

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The medical field already grows incredibly fast. We are discovering new technologies and research methods every day. On top of this rapidly evolving sector, the rate of discovery is also increasing. Basically the time it takes to discover something is becoming much quicker. A huge development that has taken off in the last decade has […]

World’s Deadliest Diseases – Smallpox, Botulism & Anthrax

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If you think you’re having a bad day, the following article may cheer you up – count your lucky stars that you don’t have any of the following illnesses. Today’s broadcast will be focusing on the world’s deadliest diseases. Of course there are many diseases that can be considered just as bad as these but […]

Why Getting NeuroCranial Restructuring® Is Like Repairing The Structure of a Building?

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The following article was authored by Dr. Dean Howell, N.D Creator Of NeuroCranial Restructuring Imagine a building made of the finest materials and impeccably maintained. Nevertheless, it constantly develops cracks and leaks. Even the most meticulously installed features crumble. All because the overall structure the skeleton of the building is faulty. In the human body we often forget […]