Our vision is to have a world where the latest medical information is shared with the public in an accessible format that can be understood by those from both scientific and non-scientific backgrounds.


Our mission involves providing clinicians, healthcare professionals and those with an intrinsic interest in medical research with relevant, comprehensive clinical information through providing breaking news in medicine.

A key part of our mission is to fulfill our vision by publishing medical stories that can be understood by all, whether you are familiar with scientific literature or not. Often this requires our editors to re-write breaking research publications into an accessible format for all our readers.



The Medical Frontier has 5 basic principles in order to take a complex medical publication into a more user friendly format. We do this so that the latest medical discoveries are written in a way that's accessible for everyone to understand.


The Medical Frontier prides itself in supplying the most up-to-date medical news and cutting edge research available. In order to provide such information, we directly liaise with experts in their fields working on the front line of medical innovation and exploration. Our group of expert contributors grows every month. We currently have a wide range of individuals  in vastly different fields. We have lawyers who provide information on medical ethics and law, doctors of varying specialties and even an astronaut candidate. As our experts in their affiliated fields contribute their research to us – we can safely say we are quite literally at the frontier of medicine! Learn more about our founder here

Organ Origami


We are happy to announce our new partnerships with Englishwaves.fr & French Radio London, a new featured article will be presented weekly on both stations. Our medical broadcasts will be called 'Your Health' on Englishwaves and 'Medi-Mag' on French Radio London.

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