The human body is more beautiful than you think through an electron microscope

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1. The iris of the eye looks absolutely radiant.


via Steve Gschmeissner / Science Photo Library

 A nerve ending shows off its complexity.


via Tina Carvalho / National Institue of General Medical Sciences

3. The split end of a hair looks like a splintered log.


via Tumblr / f***yeahelectronmicroscope

4. Eyebrow hairs growing out of the skin like fence posts.


via The Telegraph | Barcroft Media / Science Photo Library

5. Red blood cells don’t go anywhere alone.


via Tumblr / f***yeahelectronmicroscope

6. Red blood cells look like they’ve been rolling around in cobwebs when they’re forming a clot.


via Wellcome Images

7. A tooth does not look nearly as appetizing as you would hope.


via Wellcome Images

8. The surface of the tongue looks like an alien landscape.


via reddit / auro026

9. An air sac in the lungs has surprising depth.


via Tumblr / f***yeahelectronmicroscope

10. A fingernail is not nearly as neat and smooth as it appears normally.


via Eye of Science / Science Photo Library

11. You wouldn’t expect bone tissue to be full of holes like this, would you?

5c70c3fc-7683-4f52-9908-a85bff18b83e_tabletvia alamy

12. The fringe of a fallopian tube actually resembles a flower.

cd8f9dba-5c9c-4831-acad-2b8aa9d1db38_tabletvia The Telegraph | Barcroft Media / Science Photo Library

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Credit: Ryan Ford,

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